Prime Power

Take Advantage of Rising Rates with Prime Power CD

Our Prime Power CD has an interest rate tied to the Prime Rate. As it fluctuates, so does your rate. 

The good news? The Prime Rate is forecasted to continue to rise through 2019.

Plus, we have a minimum rate floor, so you will never earn less than the rate you started at.

Open yours today!

Current Prime Power Rates

CD ProductMinimum balance to open and earn APY*Interest RateAPY*Compounding
Tier 1$5,000 - $24,9992.20%2.20%Annually
Tier 2$25,000 - $49,9992.48%2.48%Annually
Tier 3$50,000+2.75%2.75%Annually

*APY = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD The tiers are indexed to the current prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal as follows: Tier 1) 40%, Tier 2) 45% and Tier 3) 50%. May change weekly based on the day of the week the account is opened. Rate cap of 10% for all tiers. All balances below minimum may earn interest. Penalties may be assessed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. See corresponding Truth-in-Savings for complete details. Funds from non-local organizations and institutional entities not eligible. Rate effective February 1, 2019.